Business Intelligence Services

Computech Corp's Business Intelligence services include:

  • Improving revenue by acquiring and retaining high value customers
  • Reducing costs through more effective and responsive management
  • Automating compliance with regulatory reporting needs
  • Improving customer satisfaction through improved quality and superior service

Web Analytics

Are you worried getting less traffic to your web site? We are here to increase the traffic to your site to boost your sales. Our web analytics team offers an intuitive and insightful analysis of your website by showing you the site navigation patterns, campaigns' performance, Pay-Per-Clicks (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Return On Investment (ROI) statistics instantly. Our reports also include information about the web pages that receive the maximum and minimum traffic. We at Computech Corp use a radically different approach making it easy for you to perform desktop data mining activities. With us, you can be confident that your analysis is accurate; your campaigns track directly to sales and your reports meet your eBusiness objectives.

Sales Audits

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in sales auditing helps you to improve your businesses and marketing performance. Our professionals, in addition to providing sales reports on the products marketed by your website, also provide sales comparison reports on the products sold.

Our Sales Audit services include:
  • Providing complete and accurate reports of products’ transactions
  • Implementing secure accounting and auditing of sales
  • Providing proper documentation and control of receivables and payables

Market Research

Our expertise in strategic consulting and market research can help your eBusiness meet diversified needs of different sectors like public & private domains. We offer specialized services for various data intensive and research problems in business analytics and business processes. Statistics on consumer behaviors, Trend analysis, Central Location testing, Product testing and operation processes are collected. The specialized services of Computech Corp knowledge management are offered by experienced interviewers and analysts resulting in scalable, flexible and cost effective services.

Our Market Research services include:
  • Extensive research on company and industry information to create surveys
  • Locating top marketing research companies using market research directories
  • Reporting up-to-date market trends