Customer Support

We at Computech Corp fill the missing gap that exisits between your business and customers with our high quality BPO solutions. To sustain the customers, communication is the key to any business. Don't you agree with us? Communication can be done in different platforms. We offer an extensive range of customer support services. We integrate an adaptive/proactive voice support, chat support and e-mail support on a 24/7 basis.

We have successfully managed more than 5,00,000 transactions. Qualified resources are engaged to bind the consistency in the quality of any customer query which, is processed. The effective customer support center of the company manages customer concerns and queries through multiple channels. Our customer support team provides a timely, reliable, and cost-efficient assistance to our clients. With our cost-effective customer support services, we are proud to say that small and medium sized companies are getting benefited to a great degree.

Customer Support is done through

We understand that customer satisfaction is the most important attribute in lead conversion. And we have the right blend of expertise, infrastructure and experience to take your business to the next level.