MPPOA Reverse Trade Fair 2012

"What is a Reverse Trade Fair? We turn a traditional vendor show upside down and put our members, the buyers, behind the tables and the vendors choose which municipalities they wish to speak with. This is an excellent opportunity for MPPOA members and vendors to meet for one day in a single location. There is no driving to multiple locations, or hauling around cumbersome displays for vendors and no scheduling multiple appointments for MPPOA members."

Cost : $150
Contact : Maryellen Jansen C.P.M.
Phone: (517) 886-2794
Date : Friday, March 30, 2012
Place :
Ford Community & Performing
Arts Center 15801 Michigan Ave,
Dearborn, MI
Time : 10.00AM-3.00PM
Sponsored By :
Computech Corporation
IPT by Bidnet
Everlast Induction Lighting