Fulfillment Services

Computech Corp offers high quality order fulfillment services to achieve more profit. The fulfillment service solution depends on the volume of orders that we receive from your business process. We have well defined fulfillment service for your order process to meet the specific requirements.

Fulfillment services include inventorying, shipping, record-keeping and reporting, return and customer inquiries.


We keep checking the online inventory and report to the client on stock details to increase customer retention. We track each and every detail pertaining to the order fulfillment process.


We contact our client's carrier service for delivery time or change of shipping address requests. Also, we update the delivery of the order shipments.

Record keeping and reporting

By tracking all information from inventory items, customers, orders to shipping, our clients get an insight into the customers behaviour. We help our clients by sending up-to-date order related reports. We update the tracking status in customer care database. Through this way the client understands their customers in a better way.

Return and Customer Inquiries

We do return process for our clients. Customer inquiries are handled very efficiently by sending emails. With the help of order tracking system, the customer's details are checked and the order status is verified. Based on the information, an email is sent to the customer. Our team has vast experience in working on various online retailers which caters multiple products.