Order Processing

For any online business, be it a product or service, the efficient order processing leads to a sale. If all the customers orders are processed accurately, then the chance of sustaining them are pretty high. Our order processing service ensures to provide cost-effective and exceptional solutions. And our proficiency can be measured from the processing and shipping of orders worldwide. We handle customer orders within our distribution centre.

Order Entry

We provide a widespread, incorporated order entry solution which promises a quick and accurate entry of orders. May it be a few orders per day or few thousand orders; we ensure efficient and scalable order entry which meets clients' specific requirements.

Order Tracking

We provide substantial order tracking services which are extremely simple and self-service oriented. The order processing services focus on minimizing duplicate sales entries across applications. We monitor the generation/demand of services and track the events to individual customers.

Order Validation

The order validation services are deployed right from receiving orders to order control. Our unique validation process system incorporates web-based order input with complete rule-based order checking and order authority. In addition to single-order/multi-order logistical control, we also manage IT orders and contracts.

Return Management

We have a developed, robust, state-of-the-art returns handling model. Our experience and rule-based processes provides a workflow capable of handling both online and brick/mortar clients. This allows us to process returns/chargebacks more efficiently and cost effectively.