The Challenge

Client is a global, multi-strategy alternative investment management firm based in Dallas, Texas. The client has challenges retrieving vendor data from multiple sources for data analysis. Currently, the data is from various sources with different formats, standalone scripts for hundreds of vendors was tough to manage in the longer run as each has to go through the maintenance phase and enhancements since the source data changes very frequently. Coordinating with the end users for inputs to solve the issues

The Approach

  • Computech developed frameworks in Python to perform data analysis and to automate the recurring activities.
  • The team developed a custom ETL framework which extracts, transform and load the data into database for further analysis by analysts. This framework helps in extracting data from any vendor of different data format, converts into required format and updates in database.
  • Developed an application (auto data loader) to cover the end-to-end phases from development till deployment for the recurring data sources. It automates the below functionalities: Config generator, uploader, validator, data checker and job scheduler.
  • Computech is currently providing the below 24/5 L1 and L2 support services: We have setup a helpdesk (e-mail / call / chat) to provide support services to the end users. Also, provided production support for the client


  • Computech was able to successfully create a framework that is scalable and easy to maintain and can be re used for new requirements which in turn reduces the development by big margin.
  • Eliminated the manual dependency through the automation process of auto data loader

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