WORKBRAIN - Enterprise Time & Attendance System Implementation

The current time capture methods in the City are mostly manual, antiquated and involve redundant data entry into different systems to capture Time & Attendance related information for payroll processing. There is a pressing need on the City to study these processes in detail and carry out constructive Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) to reduce manual processes thereby resulting in streamlined processes, reduced costs and reduced scope for errors. Computech in partnership with Workbrain,is currently implementing a Workforce Management solution using Workbrain’s Enterprise Time & Attendance, develop interfaces to City’s Oracle Human Resource Management System(HRMS) Suite and Department of Transportation’s(DOT) Transit Operating System(TOS) and impart training to all City users.

Goals Achieved

  • To Implement Workbrain’s new Enterprise Time & Attendance Premium Edition version 4.1.x using S2V methodology and create interfaces to the new Oracle HRMS Suite version 11.5.10 and DOT’s TOS
  • Re-engineer processes to conform to software functionality as much as possible
  • Set up Time & Attendance business rules in the Workbrain software as per city requirements
  • Define and create time keeper reports for manual input into PPS system
  • Develop solution to calculate salary changes
  • Develop solution to request leaves of absence
  • Develop user-friendly interfaces to ensure ease of use for all employees
  • Train users to use Clocks and Online Time & Attendance management system
  • Train users to access ad-hoc reports
  • Develop Training Manuals,Leader Guides,Lab Exercises and Job-aids
  • Conduct Role Based,Just-in-time training
  • Conduct Instructor-Led classroom training, Computer Based Training(CBT), Boot camps and Special training programs for continuous knowledge transfer


  • Automates and streamlines City’s administrative processes;reduce set-up costs, processing time and errors involved in Time & Attendance related processes
  • Manages diverse and complex leave policies, accruals, timesheet approvals and team hierarchies via a web-based interface
  • Consistent time capture and processing methods across all agencies
  • Seamlessly integrates with Oracle applications to provide a comprensive consistent solution for Time & Attendance, HR and Payroll processes
  • Generates alerts to report any exceptions at various levels in the organizational hierarchy

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