Computech Corporation strives to build a sustainable business that is an important part of our community and one that demonstrates care for the environment. This effort reflects our commitment to mitigating the direct social and environmental impact as well as managing indirect impacts while developing our sustainability and the common good. Computech will publish our sustainability policy statement and periodically report on the steps taken to advance integration of social and environmental considerations into its operations. We will also share information with our customers and business partners, as appropriate; to strengthen the capacity to reduce potential social and environmental risks and promote sustainable development.

Our Policy

1. Incorporating the principles of sustainable development into business policies and practices

  • Computech is committed to a professional and dependable sustainability governance structure, based in its responsibilities towards its staff, code of conduct, customers, society, the environment and future generations.
  • We believe that sustainable development is a fundamental aspect of sound business management and see our sustainability efforts as an important contributor towards consistent development and growth.
  • Computech commits to provide a safe and healthy workplace to its employees and other partners.
  • We will continuously promote diversity and inclusivity in all of our corporate actions.
  • Computech recognizes that sustainable development is a corporate duty and an integral part of its pursuit of good and caring citizenship.

2. Implementing best practices in relation to social and environmental management

  • Computech is committed to complying with national and international social and environmental laws and regulations applicable to its operations and business services. It will continuously work toward integrating social and environmental considerations into our operations, asset management and other business decisions.
  • Computech regards compliance with applicable social and environmental regulations and the execution of sound social and environmental actions as important factors in achieving effective corporate management.
  • Computech will commit to protect the environment by conserving natural resources, prevent pollution, implement waste reduction and manage programs to minimize the impact on the climate.
  • Computech will continue to pursue best practices in social and environmental management and will seek to form business relations with partners, suppliers, and subcontractors who follow similarly high standards.
  • We recognize the need to conduct internal social and environmental reviews on a periodic basis. We also encourage others in our industry to develop products and services consistent with social and environmental best practices.

Computech is dedicated to achieving customer’s organizational goals through the most effective use of Information Technology.

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