As a Detroit headquartered business, Computech takes pride in our focus on supporting the manufacturing industry. Technology is more important to manufacturers today than ever before. It has changed how products are created, built and delivered to a savvy marketplace. The reliance on new cloud technologies, mobility, cyber security, data mining, automation and robotics, are key to the future success of the manufacturing sector. By partnering with Computech, we help you focus on customizing your applications to take advantage of the technical gains in these areas.

  • Computech’s experience in designing, implementing and migrating complex systems will ensure your manufacturing technology remain efficient and profitable. With our consulting and integration services, Computech will improve your data analytics for Marketing, optimize your delivery through mobile technology and provide a clear direction and competitive advantage for your digital technical resources. Let us help you replace your manually-intensive systems to a mobile, secure, platform that can better manage your production processes. Improve your edge in the market and improve your delivery time with our packaged products that can be combined with our consulting and integration services.
  • Our goal is to help manufacturers take full advantage of technology and mobility, stay competitive in today’s marketplace and deliver the best value to their customers in less time than ever before.

Service Offerings

You can leverage our services and our experience with the entire development process to help with some or all aspects of the delivery of your Finance project:

  • Architecture and Design
  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
  • Custom configuration and development
  • Integration
  • Packaged solutions

Project Showcase

National Minority Supplier Development Council
ISO 9001:20015 Certified
ISO 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies
Inner City 100

Computech is dedicated to achieving customer’s organizational goals through the most effective use of Information Technology.

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