Your enterprise success is dependent on an IT Infrastructure that delivers high quality, high speed and a reliable customer experience. For over thirty years, Computech has provided IT engineering support services across multiple industries. Our Quality Engineering (QE) services support your business needs with the goal of delivering a quality infrastructure for both the process and the software. Our specialists take a robust and complete end-to-end approach using specific and automated Quality Assurance (QA) tools to reach your system expectations.

At Computech we know the importance of providing reliable support across a range of hardware and software, testing infrastructure, and testing products that will ensure product quality. We want to mitigate your infrastructure risk and provide cost effective support to ensure your product quality and business success.

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Our Offerings

Business Change Assurance

Computech focuses on driving enterprises by providing the best in class Business Process Assurance services.  Our team of experts have been providing these services to Fortune 50 clients and continuing to meet the demands of quality.

  • Business Process Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (End to End)
  • Assurance for Blockchain

Technology Uplift Assurance

As technology comes front and center of every digital agenda, Computech is driven to provide end-to-end assurance solutions cover enterprises entire digital technology stack.—including Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT technologies. As the industry changes, Computech will continue to adapt to provide excellent service offerings:

  • IoT Assurance
  • Mobility Assurance
  • Cloud Migration Assurance
  • Big Data Assurance

User Experience Assurance

  • We enhance customers conversion rate through testing their landing page, emails and advertisements
  • We test wireframes, prototype and live sites
  • We maximize their ROI through enhancing customers digital experience

Intuitive and Automated Assurance

  • Computech’s Test automation framework seamlessly integrates with all the market leading COTS and open-source test automation tools
  • Maximum test coverage of the application to ensure the quality and credibility
  • Computech’s Test automation framework is compatible to integrate with the leading CI tools to run a complete and effortless testing for minute changes and builds
  • Computech’s Test automation repository contains hundreds of readymade test scripts to jump-start the test execution
  • Zero-maintenance requirement ensures no additional liability on our clients


Computech is dedicated to achieving customer’s organizational goals through the most effective use of Information Technology.

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